Avi Jain - Impact Scientist
Avi Jain - Impact Scientist


The person sitting on the other side is a passionate change maker who wish to catalyze positive and sustainable socio-economic impact on the world. His recipe of impact lemonade  necessitates the flavors of design, research, entrepreneurship and travelling. He wishes to work with organisations in developing sustainable frameworks and tools for effectively managing and monitoring the impact created on various communities. 
On the profile front, Avi is a graduate from Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA) with a post graduate degree in rural management. He shares specialized interest in public policy, research, development programme management, and impact evaluation.

"The probability of making this world a better place is Zero and One. Zero when we work for ourselves and One when we work for others."

-Avi Jain


"The power of we will always overpower I be it an individual effort or a group one."

Theory of Change

To make this world a better place by implementing and empowering data driven sustainable solutions through collective action, design, and data science. Furthermore, solve developmental problems by developing effective public policies and impact evaluation mechanisms through research, consulting and multilateral partnerships.

Guiding Values!

Lean: I only work on the problem that needs me. I make all the process workout at my intellectual gym. 

Quality: My work is like my sleep and precision like my dreams. I never compromise on my sleep and my dreams.

Commitment: I only work on the problem that needs me. I make efforts to optimize the process and the work.

Aesthetics: I only work on the problem that needs me. I make efforts to optimize the process and the work.

Knowledge Creation: I ensure that my contribution is in the best interest of the society, science and sustainability. 


My Experience

My journey has been a phenomenal learning experience for me. Institutions, people and places representing diverse areas of development have enhanced my senses and introduced them to unusual and less travelled route of learning. I have worked with local, national and international organisations and have participated in various fellowships and programmes. I have developed three core areas during my journey i.e. design, research and programme management and development. 

Organisations I have worked/engaged with....

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My quest to develop a versatile personality in the development sector enabled me to garner a diverse experience. The grind of becoming a truly impactful development professional has helped me in empowering institutions to absorb my skilled experience for various projects and programmes. The section entails a set of many activities I have engaged in as a consultant, researcher, manager and practitioner. 

Research is the core of any activity driven by evidence. However, the evidence is as good as the process followed to derive it. With my diverse experience in sociology, management, design and public policy, I help organisations in conducting right research which not only enables the organisation but also empowers a body of knowledge. My research areas revolve around open societies, game theory, rural and slum communities, rural development, public policy, climate change and geopolitics.

Research and Knowledge Management

I help organizations in conducting impact evaluation and advanced impact studies. The major work focuses on designing tools and methodologies for evaluation, data collection management, data analysis, report writing and process documentation. I also help organisation conduct assessment on various indices that aids in effective impact monitoring and management.

Impact Evaluation

I help organizations design and implement programmes for achieving sustainable development goals. For the same, I engage with organizations and aid in internal capacity building, branding and communications, monitoring & evaluation, and organizational development. also help organizations in developing tools and frameworks for effective monitoring and programme replication.

Programme Development and Management

Any social activity is based on the network developed around the same. Most of the organisations try to influence these networks to bring a positive and sustainable impact. However, improper social intelligence analysis makes the process qualitative and highly intutive. I help organisations conduct social intelligence analysis through tools like game theory and aid in forming multiple simulations of various policies on the end beneficiaries. 

Social Intelligence Analysis

I help organizations design and implement programmes for achieving sustainable development goals. For the same, I engage with organizations and aid in internal capacity building, branding and communications, monitoring & evaluation, and organizational development. also help organizations in developing tools and frameworks for effective monitoring and programme replication.

Social Marketing and Development Communication

A development or a consulting agency relies heavily on the analysis of the data collected through MIS. However, a lot organisations fail to establish an MIS that is lean, adaptable and relevant to the data analysis needs. I help organisations design and develop resilient and adaptable information system that is optimized to the short term and long term needs of the organisation. I follow lean data approach in th developing the same.

MIS Development and Management

Any organisation or idea is as good as the system it follows. Hence, it is important to design a system that not only helps an institution achieve its objectives but also incorporates the needs and interest of all the stakeholders affected by the same. I help organisations design and implement inclusive systems for optimizing performance and lean culture in the space.

System Design Management

Public policies today play a crucial role in forming regional policies be it in an organisation or in a village. With my experience of studying and working on various policies set by state, I help organisations in analysing the potential impact of the same on multiple fronts. Moreover, I also help organisations in framing relevant policy mandate for state and civic considerations. 

Public Policy Analysis and Development


Impact Investment and Microfinance

I primarily work with research institutions and think tank. However, the vibrant exposure to various fields for a considerable amount of time, commitment and experience has enabled me to perform well in multiple sectors. 



Heatlhcare Skill Development


Academia and Research


Corporate Social Responsibility


Agriculture and Livelihoods


Filmmaking and Journalism


NGO and Development Consulting




Emotional Resilience

Metacognitive Skills

Learning Transfer

Adaptable Leadership 

Mission Driven Leadership

Multidisciplinary Leadership



Time Management


Time Management

Cross Cultural Communication


Crticial Thinking

     Soft Skills      

     Technical Skills      

Microsoft Office


Graphpad Prism


Social Research

System Design Management

Impact Evaluation

ESG Analysis

Design Thinking

Project Management

Social Marketing

Flourish Studio

Social Intelligence Analysis

SROI Analysis

Adobe Photoshop

Branding and Graphic Design




Professionally, I have always focused on the 'how; and 'what' of doing things. However, the purpose of my life is not defined by what and how. It is defined on the basis of who I do it for. I understand the fact that I am mortal but not the impact I create. I firmly believe in creating impact that will continue to change lives irrespective of my presence. Hence, I always thrive to leave my impact imprints on communities and people from a sustainability point of view.  

Human Imprints

beneficiaries directly and indirectly served

SDGs served with my work.



different livelihoods served with my work.



          Sectoral Imprints          

sectors served with various engagements and services

different types of services offered in the field of design, research and management.



Institutions and organisations served in various capacities full time and part time.


Geographical Imprints          

States covered for research and programme implementation purpose.

Districts covered for research and programme implementation purpose.



Villages covered for research and programme implementation purpose.


Academic Imprints          

Research papers written and published in 5 sectors.

Case studies written and published in 4 sectors.



reached with research papers and case studies on Academia.edu.


Reports and Proposals developed and presented for various organisations 


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