The section intends to introduce to my works in the field of research, design, development and consulting. I had the opportunity to work and learn from some of the best organisations in the country and abroad. The portfolio is a result of the love, support and mentorship I received throughout my journey.  


Reports and Others

The section entails all the case studies written and published by me for various institutions and journals. The case study enjoys a wider perspective on domains concerning development, public policy, management, rural India and much more.


Design Portfolio

Existence of a perfect design is a myth. The idea of imperfection drives a design enthusiast to explore the possibility of creative expedition and induces his senses to originality. The quest of a better design enables the world with better experience to understand and absorb any content. I always ensure to imbibe the concept of design in whatever work I pursue. The section entails some of the creatives from a vast design portfolio I hold in various fields especially in social marketing.


Academic Books 

I firmly believe in empowering youth with right knowledge. My quest to introduce better knowledge mechanism for young minds enabled me to write academic books to empower rural management education. Out of 3 books, one book has been published. The books on Tribal Development Management and Change Management is in the process of publication. 


Being a progressive educationist, I had the opportunity to collaborate with national institutions like MGNCRE where I worked on curriculum development for national education initiatives. The section entails the curriculum I have developed/worked on for Ministry of Education. 

Curriculum Design and Development


Website Development

The quest of mastering design has led me to develop design propositions for various institutions. I have traversed the journey being a terrible designer to a more sensible one. Here are the websites I have designed during my quest.

The Rural Post Website
Ananya Finance Website
Janvikas Website

Photography Portfolio

I love traveling to various places and meeting difference communities. My unquenching thirst to explore people, places and planets enhance my senses to capture a part of their life. The section entails a set of pictures I clicked during my journey as a development nomad.


Documentary and Filims

Since the day I started my undergrad education, I was introduced to the world of audio-visual story telling. During my college time and post it, I had an opportunity to work on various documentary and film projects with students from NID and CEPT. The section entails documentaries and films I have made as an independent filmmaker and in various teams.


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