An Ode to Ahmedabad (Poem)

Here I write a poetic ode to the city I loved and will always love. I write the piece counting my last few days in Ahmedabad:

I hear murmurs on the roadside tea stand,

Some jabber politics while others chatter city a grand.

Its Amdavad from heart and Ahmedabad from the map,

An abode of dreams and beauty on a continuous loop.

The vibe of the city is real and the groove sober,

Though the city sleeps on time but stays awake forever.

The land of fusion roars with whereabouts reaching skies,

The Amdavad expands with equal development ties.

It’s a confluence of conflict, differences, peace, and silence,

The city of Gandhi accepts everyone while making the singularity a defiance.

The city has a river with a materialistic border,

The beauty is a scar as the water breathes disorder.

I see crowded streets with lives full of excitement and fun,

Excitement is so high that overpowers traffic signals and rules overturn.

The administration exists in mild oblivion,

While the citizens rejoice unbridled freedom.

It’s Amdavad that holds the architecture and texts so unique,

With emotions vintaged on the streets of the old city antique.

The land is foreign to those who are foreigners to their heart,

The city belongs to all where the collective fervour never departs.

Uninhabited streets and impecunious business are a rare phenomenon,

The city of life is a mere solitary dominion.

Its Ahmedabad, Its Amdavad, Its Everything, Its Everyone,

A land of history and conflicts pale rubicund.

I hear murmurs on the roadside tea stand,

I sip my tea and forget how everything ends!

It’s the city of Ahmedabad.

About Avi Jain

Avi Jain is an impact scientist and philosopher. He has garnered a personality tailored with experiences from the development sector. He is a firm believer of an equal and just society. He is a young poet and a traveler volcano with a cool philosophical lava pouring on the earth trying to carve a beautiful future for everyone. He also runs Impact-Ed podcast where he discusses various aspects of creative excellence and aboriginal acumen in the development space. You can find more about him on

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