Redempting a Long Lost Revolution (Poem)

Imagine if Shaeed Bhagat Singh suddenly appears in the 21st century India. What would his reaction? What would be his thoughts? In an attempt to revolutionize young minds of India, I penned the poem ‘Redempting the Long Lost Revolution’ wondering what would Bhagat Singh tell the people of India.


The chaos of growth has taken a toll of equal development ties,

It seems that our country sleeps with open eyes.

Nobody is tired but everyone has given up,

The country is a turmoil, my fellas its time to buckle up.

I am advised by my fellow countrymen to look for shade on a bright sunny day,

But Why? Are we afraid to come to light and keep our identities at bay?

It’s time to sow the seed of change in the nation,

Let’s come together and redempt the long-lost revolution.

Our people are dying in the divided nation,

It’s the right time to breathe revolution, sleep revolution, and live revolution.

Common my fellow countrymen, let’s not be jokers of a political and communal circus,

Beware the world is watching us.

Our corpse of national aspirations is lying astray,

Wrapped in the western fabric with our culture abandoned I say.

It’s not time to scapegoat our mistakes on young and foolish,

Instead, join hands to protect freedom and relish

Don’t personify me with revolution, but let me knock your conscience

There is a world beyond capitalist obedience.

Its time to sow the seed of change in the nation,

Let’s come together and redempt the long-lost revolution.

I feel full of breadth with confusion aboard

But I am not to worry as Karma is on the road

You change for good, the world changes for good

Otherwise, the judgement will haunt you even with your luxurious livelihood

My fellow countrymen, remember the pledge you took at the tender age,

All Indians are you brothers and sisters, protect them with an aspirational rage.

Make your growth a reason for others to smile,

Take everyone together and walk the last development mile.

It’s not too late,

Let’s come together and redempt the long-lost revolution.

About Avi Jain

Avi Jain is an impact scientist and philosopher. He has garnered a personality tailored with experiences from the development sector. He is a firm believer of an equal and just society. He is a young poet and a traveler volcano with a cool philosophical lava pouring on the earth trying to carve a beautiful future for everyone. He also runs Impact-Ed podcast where he discusses various aspects of creative excellence and aboriginal acumen in the development space. You can find more about him on

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